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New Dog Training Classes Available!

        Beyond Basics-Level 2 Starts July 6th @715pm

        Combo Puppy/Beginner Class Starts June 15 @6pm

          All Group classes located at the Canyon Pet Lodge in Puyallup! 

         Scroll down to find out more about our group classes and contact to sign your dog up!


Welcome to Pawsitive Results Dog Training & Behavior.

Teaching people how to communicate effectively with their dogs to create positive results and a lasting bond.

Upcoming Classes

Puppy/Beginner-Level 1 
Monday October 16th @ 6 Pm

About Me


Ariana Roberson VSA-CDT, CBCC-KA

 I have been working with people and their dogs for over 10 years. I am a certified dog trainer as well as a behavior consultant. I specialize in behavior modification and use science-based and modern-based methods that implement positive reinforcement and are the least intrusive, and minimally aversive to the dog. This has been proven to create the best means of communication for aiding in behavior changes and for creating a relationship with your dog that is highly based on mutual respect and trust. Not only do I enjoy helping dogs but also helping people feel confident in their relationship with their dogs and bringing peace of mind within every situation. I strive to help my clients communicate and understand their dogs at the deepest capacity and help them execute the changes and the behaviors they would like to see that benefits both the client and the dog.  



I Train dogs of all sizes, breeds, ages and behaviors. I am an expert in addressing:

  • Basic, Beyond basics, & Advanced Obedience (Including CGC)

  • Behavior Modification

  • Puppy Development 

  • Rescue & Senior Dog training & Rehabilitation 

  • Recall/Coming when called

  • Off-Leash Reliability 

  • Loose-Leash Walking

  • Heeling 

  • Potty & Crate Training 

  • Doorway Manners/Greetings

  • All Nuisance behaviors like jumping, barking, leash pulling, counter surfing, stealing, digging, chewing, mouthing, marking, etc. Anxiety as well as separation anxiety

  • Fear & Avoidance 

  • Fear-based aggression

  • human & dog aggression 

  • Reactivity related aggression 

  • Vet & Groomer aggression

  • Nail trim/object aggression

  • Resource guarding

  • Possession aggression 

  • PTSD related aggression 

  • Phobias & Superstitions 

  • Dogs with sensory impairments (blind, deaf, blind & deaf)

  • and more!


Group Classes

All group classes are located at canyon pet Lodge in Puyallup and will use the facilities   indoor/outdoor spaces to create a unique training experience. They will run once a week for an hour for 6 weeks. 

Puppy (10 Wk-5 Months)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

In this course we will cover all of the puppy basics from potty training, puppy biting, chewing, & socialization to laying the foundation in basic obedience and manners. Covering things such as sit, down, wait, recall, leash walking, leave it, and more!


Beginner (5 months-Older)                                                                                                       


This course is great for dogs with no previous training and will help lay the foundation for basic obedience and manners as well as help you break bad habits that may have started. Covering things such as socialization, sit, down, wait, recall, leash walking, leave it and more!

Beyond Basics (Level 2)                                                                                                          


In this course we will build off of behaviors from our puppy/beginner and start working on proofing and reliability of those behaviors as well as working on more advanced behaviors such as heeling, place, and stay. Get ready to add distractions to everything!

Real World (Level 3)                                                                                                                 


In This Course students and their dogs put their skills to the test in lots of real world situations and work towards preparing for Canine Good Citizen. The class is unique in that it involves meeting at different places outside of the classes normal location such as public parks, Trails, Hardware stores, Etc.. to really give students and their dogs a real world experience of training instead of just a classroom experience (Prerequisite: Beyond Basics (Level 2) or similar skill set)

In-Home Privates (Obedience)

All in homes start in the clients home with a consultation, this consultation is time spent getting to know you, your dog, your dogs history, training goals, issues you'd like to solve etc.. We then come up with an enrichment plan, management plan, and training plan that helps you and your dog progress towards those goals.

1-Hour Initial Consultation/Session                                                                                     


Recommended for anyone who wants to get started with training also clients who want to teach quick behaviors or solve quick issues.

4-1 Hour Sessions with Consultation                                                                                      


This is a package deal that helps you save money and is the most recommended when starting obedience training with your dog.

6-1 Hour Sessions with Consultation                                                                                      


This is a package deal that helps you save money and is the most recommended for clients who want obedience training plus more advanced behaviors.

In Home Privates (Behavior Modification)

Behavior modification is used if a dog has reactive, fear based, anxious, and even sometimes aggressive behaviors towards other dogs or people. These types of behaviors require much more help then basic obedience and will require modification methods and even management to see a change in behavior or even a decrease. These sessions will start in the home with a consultation that will help me determine what the cause of the behavior is and how we will implement an enrichment, management and behavior modification plan.

1-Hour Initial Consultation/Session                                                                                          


Recommended for anyone who is unsure of dogs behavior and would like to get started with assessing the behavior and its severity. It is usually always recommended that you do more then one session when working on behavior modification, as it is a complex issue that requires much work, consistency, understanding and patience. However this is a good start if you are wanting to assess and see what your options are.

4-1 Hour Sessions with Consultation                                                                                         


Recommended for everyone wanting to start behavior modification with their dog. This will at least give you the knowledge and tools you need to start working with your dog on his/her reactivity, aggression, or anxiety on your own.

6-1 Hour Sessions with Consultation                                                                                         

Recommended for anyone wanting to start behavior modification with their dog that feels they could benefit from longer help and support. This will give you the knowledge and tools you'll need to start working with your dog on his/her reactivity, aggression, or anxiety on your own but with extra hands on support and more repetition


There are travel fees that do apply depending on your location. I do serve the Puyallup area mostly but am able to travel to surrounding areas as well such as but not limited to: South hill, Graham, Eatonville, Roy, Tacoma, Lakewood, Spanaway, Parkland, Federal way, Edgewood, Sumner, Bonney lake, Buckley, Auburn, Kent, Renton, Maple valley and many more. 5-22 min travel is free; 22-30 min travel is $5 per session; 31-35 min is $7 per session; 36-40 min is $10 per session. Anything over 40 minutes may be considered with a higher travel fee.

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